Hika S
- Что наша жизнь?... - Банан!
KAT-TUN make wonderful songs... Love them so much <333

My GREATEST JOURNEY started almost 6 years ago - that time, IN FACT, I haven't even imagined what Japanese pop music is. KAT-TUN songs were so new and fresh for me! Once thanks to happy accident RESCUE became the starting point in the dipping into the world of music, which subsequently would be my guiding STAR. This way, song after song, I was making STEPS TO LOVE to the band and it's members.
Though the history of KAT-TUN accross this time was rather DRAMATIC, I saw, how they with the dignity FACE TO FACE met all the obstacles. They earned not only my true love, but deep respect too. I REMEMBER ups and downs of the group through these sometimes DANGEROUS, even BLACK days. But every time they proved, that they have special place in this world, in my heart, in every hyphen's heart. This feeling, like AI NO HANA, blossomed in my soul, filling all free, even the most secret corners, which no one had no dare to reach, with it's petals. There, in the DARK, it grew stronger and eventually became an integral part of me. MY SECRET. But there are no time to stay like that, such as BIRDS in the cage. It's time, when I can't keep it deep inside, eternal SILENCE isn't under my control anymore. That's why I, don't hiding myself, EXPOSE my SPIRIT. This CRAZY LOVE now resulted into MESSAGE FOR YOU.
I believe, that everything WILL BE ALLRIGHT. You have to only BREAK UR CAGE and KEEP THE FAITH in KAT-TUN. ONE DAY they will return and SMILE FOR YOU. I believe in it with the bottom of my heart.
That's why I'm a hyphen, now & FOREVER.

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